Friday, January 29, 2010

Relief Organizations not Accepting Breastmilk for Haiti

On Tuesday, I wrote about an urgent request for donations of breastmilk to send to Haiti. I looked into the request before writing about it and I felt it was a valid need. Any breastmilk that was unable to be used in Haiti would still be banked for use in the United States.

I learned today on that this request did not come from relief workers in Haiti and they do not have the resources or the infrastructure to use donated breastmilk. This was a grassroots effort started with good intentions by several breastfeeding friendly organizations. And there is still an urgent need for donations because the supply is low and newborns in the United States need the donated milk too.

I hope that if you were excited about the possibility of donating that you will still do so with the understanding that the donation is no longer for the children of Haiti.

Edited to add: Robin Elise Weiss at BirthActivist addresses the mention in today's article of best practices in a disaster . I'm so glad Robin brought it up, because I wasn't sure how to address it. Thanks, Robin!

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Kirsten said...

I hadn't even heard about this!
A valiant effort; too bad there aren't enough relief workers to handle the project.