Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Bound Activity - Pretzel Dipping

I wish I had some pictures to show you, but I still am struggling with Photoshop Elements 8 and we ate these far too quickly to bother with photos.

We woke up Thursday morning to snow, so Abigail and I haven't left the house even to get the mail. That's the kind of winter person I am. (Well, hubby and I did take her sledding the backyard this afternoon, but we'd already dipped pretzels twice by then.)  I just don't like to be cold!

Abigail and I spent about 20 minutes on Friday afternoon dipping pretzels into melted white chocolate (actually white candy melts, but I'm not going to nit-pick). Our particular melts were pink. I can't remember if I bought them for something specific or if I just liked the color that day.

I happen to buy candy melts occasionally when they're on sale, and regardless of what the package says, they will keep (even in a cabinet) for quite a while. They come in all kinds of colors, and take only a few minutes to melt in the microwave. I know there are people who have issues with candy melts, but I think those are the same people who are going to have issues with the whole concept of this craft/snack. I can deal with that. In my house, sometimes we eat junk. We also eat our vegetables, so I think it evens out.

I love salty-sweet snacks, and Abigail needed something fun and creative to do. Fortunately, we'd recently set in a supply of pretzels, but this could be done with marshmallows, various cereals, etc. I actually dipped a few pecans. I even broke a few pecan pieces and stuck them into the chocolate on the pretzel. Yum.

On Saturday, we did the activity again with hubby, who asked for Ritz crackers. I'd forgotten how yummy Ritz crackers are dipped in white chocolate. They're even better with peanut butter sandwiched and then dipped, but we didn't go that far. Today.

I think there will still be snow tomorrow. . .


Drew&Samsmom said...

I have to ask... are you pregnant??? not that this particular snack sounds gross but you seem very enthusiastic!!! LOL:)

Wendy said...

We just upgraded to Elements 8 as well and I feel your pain.

We dipped pretzels in dark chocolate for Christmas. I considered doing them in toffee first, but never got around to it. My daughter would love the idea of white chocolate. She loves it. I don't. (I think I ate too much of it when I was a kid and got sick.) We also drizzled chocolate (both dark and white) over popcorn and nuts. That was especially good. And my sister in law made peanut butter crackers coated in white chocolate. Those were surprisingly good.

I will have to try the Ritz crackers, though. I have a feeling I'd really like that.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

No, not pregnant! I'm enthusiastic about anything that captures my child's attention the way this project did. I was excited that my husband helped, and it's been a great snack for several days. I snacked on something like this all through college, so that may be part of it too.

Sian said...

I am so going to try this! Salty and sweet in one snack is the perfect combination.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

We absolutely LOVE these! Such a simple, fun, and TASTY treat. :)