Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today. . .

Outside my window... about two inches of snow and more falling. I love the way it looks. I don't love that my husband has to drive home in it.

I am thinking... that keeping focus is hard. I really need to work on it.

I am thankful for... being able to stay home with my daughter - especially on days like this.

I am wearing... sweatpants and a chocolate brown Life Is Good shirt that I bought on clearance two years ago.

I am creating... an apron, a plushie piggie, and hopefully an essay

I am remembering... how exciting and comfy-cozy the idea of snow is. The thought of staying inside, where it's warm, and eating soup, drinking hot cocoa and being isolated from the world - that's what I always expect. It's not always reality.

I am going... to stay home. Maybe venture out to the mailbox and to my rosemary bush. My rosemary might prefer to be left alone though.

I am reading... Page By Page by Heather Sellers. Again. I am trying (once again) to absorb the lessons. I am planning to actually DO some of the exercises this time!

I am hoping... I can get some fabric ironed this afternoon and start on Abigail's birthday present.

On my mind... writing.

From the learning rooms... first drafts aren't final drafts. I have always had trouble with this. I struggle with the concept of revision!

Pondering these words... courage

From the kitchen... about to start the "Mommy chicken" and "Mommy tatos" that are a staple lunch around here. I've mentioned this before, I know.

Around the house... puzzle pieces, shoes and plastic fish and fishing pole are evidence of what we've been playing for the past 24 hours or so (fishing, puzzles, and "let's try on all our shoes" in case it wasn't obvious).

One of my favorite things ~ Abigail

A few plans for the rest of the week:  staying home the rest of the week. I think I used up all my gumption on Tuesday.

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