Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2 LOAD

Day 2 LOAD
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Today's LOAD prompt was to use older photos or older product to create a page. I grabbed my 2003/2004 storage album ( the 3 ring binders that I keep my to-be-scrapped photos in), and quickly found these photos that I loved taking (and wanted to share, since I think balloon glows are seriously cool). I had about 15 pictures to choose from (pre-digital) and I chose these 4.

I grabbed a single sheet of black cardstock ( I have my cardstock stored by color) that just happens to be from a Club Scrap kit from about 2001. I wasn't really planning to use older product, but it worked out that way. I trimmed the photos, moved them around until I liked the arrangement, and adhered them.

I went over to my embellishments and looked for something that would enhance the elegant feel I already had going. I just happened to stumble across these tags from a different Club Scrap kit from about 2002. It didn't even occur to me that I was only using older product until I was photographing my page!

In all, including choosing the photos, paper and embellishments, I think this page took me less than 20 minutes. Granted, I didn't do a lot of journaling for this page, but I try not to spend over 30 minutes on any page (unless it's a story that needs a lot of thought and a lot of words).

What about the rest of the photos? I put 4 in my catagory draws (another Library of Memories concept - topical drawers that help me
"age" my photos for connections). One went behind Places-home-Louisville, one behind Things-food (it was the Coke balloon), and two behind Things-Seasons-fall (this festival occurs in the fall).

What will I do with the rest? Cold storage, or I'll give them to my Mama (since she was with me that night) or I'll just throw them away. They're sitting on my desk at the moment. I don't feel a signifigant need to keep them, though, because they are out of focus and I've already scrapped the memory now.

I hope this helps you a little to see the thought process behind a simple page. And to see how easy it can be to preserve your memories with scrapbooking!


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Love it!!!

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Thanks for dropping by my blog!! It's nice to meet you ;o)