Monday, February 1, 2010

Small Successes

These are my small successes for the week ending January 30th.

  1. Gathering baby toys that my daughter no longer plays with. I will sort some for a consignment sale and keep the rest put away for possible future siblings and cousins.
  2. Washing, folding and putting away our sheets within hours of changing the sheets on our bed.
  3. One day this week I managed to wash and mostly put away all the dishes before I went to bed.
  4. I didn't cry when my baby turned three!
  5. I had all of Abigail's birthday presents wrapped at least an hour before she opened them.
  6. I started writing my novel on Friday.
  7. We have had several successful potty sessions this week.
  8. I finished reading 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs and Cleaving by Julie Powell, both of which were 7 day check-outs from the library, in less than the required 7 days.
  9. Got my living room and dining area presentable enough to have family over for Abigail's birthday, and baked a cake for the gathering (I finished icing it as they walked in, but at least it's family, right?).
I found out about Small Successes through my friend Dianna , who participates in Small Successes at Faith & Family, a Catholic magazine. I'm not Catholic, but I love this idea so much that I want to participate anyway.

What were your small successes this week? (Faith and Family suggests 3 small successes - I wanted to feel a little extra successful, so I wrote down everything I could think of that went well.)


Drew&Samsmom said...

1. Painted my coffee table
2. alone time with drew
3. loaded the dishwasher before the sink overflowed!

Yayyyyy me!

You were a busy girl last week! Congrats!!

Sian said...

Well done on starting that novel :) That's a big success, really.