Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today - snow edition

Outside my window... about six inches of snow, give or take an inch.

I am thinking... about making space.
I am thankful for... not having a reason to go outside. It's beautiful, but I don't want to be cold.
I am wearing... pink Scottie dog pajama bottoms and an Atlanta Semester tshirt from college.
I am remembering... fun times I had in the snow when I was a child.

I am going... to have eat another toffee soon. I shouldn't have made them yesterday!
I am reading... two writing books - The 4am Breakthrough and How to Write a Damn Good Myth-based Novel. I am trying not to start reading another novel until I finish the first draft of my own.
I am hoping...  the weather doesn't affect my parents' plans to come see us soon.
On my mind... my novel. Constantly.
From the learning rooms... you really don't need to know the plot ahead of time before you start to write. It's amazing. I wish I had known these fifteen years ago.
From the kitchen... saltine cracker toffee. Perhaps I should start a pot of veggie soup to counteract the effects.
Around the house... stacks of clothes waiting on their fate.
One of my favorite things ~ saltine cracker toffee. Yum!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  going out for Indian food; looking for seeds for the garden; maybe trying Ethiopian food; getting more words down.

A photo of today: A playing in the snow that fell overnight and this morning. We use her sand bucket year round!

PS. This may be the first time in the history of this blog that I have posted a photo taken the same day. At least one that is about the day in question.


Cheri said...

great photo! Our yard looks much the same and expecting another foot tonight and into tomorrow. The snow is pretty, but I HATE being cold - wish I enjoyed snow sports, but I don't - because it requires being cold. ;)

Sian said...

Very cute photo..she looks like a little snow-pixie :)