Saturday, March 27, 2010


If you have stopped by in the last week or so, you may have noticed some changes. I have my own domain now, so in order to avoid getting redirect messages, you will need to change your links to:

Stay tuned for new things coming soon.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Loving Myself - Ten Things I Love About My Body

Cheri at Scrap Dreams issued a double dog dare yesterday for her bloggy friends to join her in listing 10 things we love about our bodies. She's reading Simple Abundance a book I love and haven't read in years. I actually had planned to pick it up again this year, but I got distracted. Anyway, I thought I would see if I could list ten things I love about my body too. Even thought there are still things I could complain about, I'm not going to include the complaints. That is NOT the point of this exercise.

  1. My hair - I like the color of my hair - brown with flecks of red - even though I didn't like it when I was little. I like that my hair is thick and fine. It doesn't style easily, but as thick as my hair is, that's not a big deal usually.
  2. My fingernails - I like that my nails are rounded on top instead of straight across. I like that they grow fairly easily, and have a nice shape.
  3. My toenails - I like that my toes are nicely shaped and that my toenails look pretty good when they are painted. I love painting my toenails. I love to wear open-toed shoes so I can see them. I love colored toenails and toenails with a French pedicure. Speaking of, it would be nice to have one of those soon.
  4. My eyes - My eyes are dark brown. I like the way I can see lots of different colors in brown when I look at my eyes.
  5. My feet - Going along with the toenail thing, I think I have nice feet. They are a nice shape and I don't mind wearing sandals and having them visible. I actually love wearing sandals.
  6. That I look younger than I am - I really hated this when I was a teenager (what seventeen year old wants to be mistaken for twelve? and yes, I was), but I'm glad now.
  7. My legs - I'm pretty short, but I have nice legs.
  8. My voice - I won't win American Idol (even if I wasn't past the age limit), but I think my voice is decent. I love to sing, and I can carry a tune. Singing makes me happy.
  9. The minimal scarring on my face - I had a few moles removed from my face almost 3 years ago and again this past December. I waited a long time to get it done because I was afraid of the scarring, but there is hardly any scarring at all, and I'm SO extra glad to have the mole gone. I just wish I'd done it sooner.
  10. Ok, I'm gonna say it: My breasts - I was excited when they, ahem, increased, when my baby was born, but the more impressive thing for me was that they nourished and grew and a baby for six months exclusively, and long past that. I had so many people tell me when I was pregnant not to get my heart set on breastfeeding because not everyone can do it and it's hard. And it was hard, but I was able to find help and trusted in my body. Please understand, I say this not to minimize anyone else's experiences, but this was a wonderful experience for me.
I can not tell you how hard this was to list all of these things and not give caveats like "when I'm skinnier" or "if I'm wearing make-up." The whole point of the exercise is acceptance (I think), so even though some of you may be thinking "Her legs? Who is she kidding?," I chose not to subject myself to the second-guessing.

So, now I triple dog dare you to come up with two or three things you love about your body. You can comment below, or write your own post (please link back or tell me in the comments so I know). If you choose to do your own, see if you can make it all the way to ten.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mommy Brain - New Posts

New posts are up at my What to Expect blog, Mommy Brain - Because Postpartum is Forever. You may be interested in checking out:

I am blogging without obligation, but I also intend to write on this blog again soon. Until then, I hope you'll check out Mommy Brain. Thanks!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Announcement: My New Venture

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would soon make an exciting announcement (again, nothing to do with expanding my family). Today, I am finally ready let tell everyone.

I have started a new blogging venture at What to Expect, a pregnancy and parenting website. I applied for this position and was accepted several weeks ago, but I needed to work out all the details before I could share here.

I will still be blogging here at Fun Mama. My new blog has a slightly different focus, and shouldn't take away from anything here. I hope that you will come visit me at What to Expect too, though at my new blog Mommy Brain - Because Postpartum is Forever . I will make an announcement here when I post anything there, but What To Expect does have an RSS feed so you can subscribe to my new blog too.

My first piece, Mommy Brain - Day Filled With Mishaps , is already available. If you would like to comment, you will need to create an account at What to Expect.

I will return soon with a regular topic!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow Day

That's me hanging out in the snow during our snow day on Valentine's weekend. I let my Mama wear my hat, so I had earmuffs and some knitted face muzzle thing (I think it's supposed to be earmuffs too).

 I love the way my green Doc Martens look in the snow. And I love that I have an excuse to wear them ten plus years after their purchase.

Fun Mama Facebook Fan Page

 I have created a fan page for this blog on Facebook. If you are on Facebook you can do a search for Fun Mama or you can just go here.

If you become a fan of Fun Mama, you will receive updates on postings in your newsfeed. You will also be able to more easily recommend the blog to your friends or just share a single post if you wish.

Please don't feel like you have to join Facebook if you aren't already a member. I intend for the conversation to stay here. I will occasionally be linking to previous posts that I think are relevant, but those will also show up on twitter (which will, in turn, show up in the sidebar).

If you are on Facebook, though, please feel free to spread the word about Fun Mama!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Creating Keepsakes Convention - Louisville

 On Friday, February 26 I got to attend the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Louisville, KY. This is the second year that the CKC came to Louisville, and the second time that my sister-in-law and I got to attend (and dragged my daughter along with us).

 Last year, we made it through the vendor fair in about 2 hours. We were kind of disappointed at the lack of vendors. I've spent the last year kicking myself for not buying the Bind-it-All by Zutter when I had the chance, though. The vendor had such a great deal, and I had wanted one for so long. So I saved my pennies and made a bee-line for the Scrapbooks 'N Stickers booth (I would link, but their site is down right now). It was still a hard decision to make, but in the end the ability to make my own spiral-bound books won out. Isn't it cute?

 I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but I did try it out at CKC (there was a make-and-take). It is so simple to use. Just choose your papers, punch the holes and add the binding. I'm hoping to do a little video eventually showing you just how simple it is to use.

 They also make special papers that work with the Bind-it-all system - double-sided and cute (see in above photo). I have enough paper to last me for a while, so I passed (for now). I did pick up a few covers (front and back pages). I'm especially excited about the canvas cover. I'm thinking I could play with my perfect pearls and do some watercolor type stuff.

 Rusty Pickle, who is going out of business, was there selling almost everything at 50% off. I was able to pick up a couple of class kits from years past, and some Captain Jack pirate paper. Anyone know where I can get a picture of Johnny Depp in full pirate regalia? I think I need to document my love. I have always loved the Rusty Pickle look, even though I've never figured out how to do it myself. I'm sad to see them go.
 We didn't take any classes this year (or last year) in part because we have a toddler to pass back and forth but also because none of the classes especially appealed to us. I was sorry I didn't sign up when I saw this display in the lobby though. I've been wondering what happened to Chatterbox and Melody Ross (if you know, please fill me in, apparently I'm not in the loop). Well, Melody Ross is apparently designing a super cool paper line based on old fashioned paper patterns. How fun to see two of my obsessions come together like this (scrapbooking and sewing, in case you didn't follow).

 Check out the crocheted flowers! I don't know if they are part of the line or not, but they make me want to pick up my crochet hook again. Is anyone willing to teach me to make a flower?

Love these pattern patterned papers!

Someday soon I'll tell you all about how the dreaded "mommy brain" reared its ugly head this day. Whew!

Don't you just love girls' days?

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that there were probably twice as many vendors at CKC this year than last year. Last year, we spent about two hours walking around the fair. This year, we spent four hours taking everything in! I'm really glad that the vendors are starting to see the benefit of coming to Louisville.