Friday, March 19, 2010

Loving Myself - Ten Things I Love About My Body

Cheri at Scrap Dreams issued a double dog dare yesterday for her bloggy friends to join her in listing 10 things we love about our bodies. She's reading Simple Abundance a book I love and haven't read in years. I actually had planned to pick it up again this year, but I got distracted. Anyway, I thought I would see if I could list ten things I love about my body too. Even thought there are still things I could complain about, I'm not going to include the complaints. That is NOT the point of this exercise.

  1. My hair - I like the color of my hair - brown with flecks of red - even though I didn't like it when I was little. I like that my hair is thick and fine. It doesn't style easily, but as thick as my hair is, that's not a big deal usually.
  2. My fingernails - I like that my nails are rounded on top instead of straight across. I like that they grow fairly easily, and have a nice shape.
  3. My toenails - I like that my toes are nicely shaped and that my toenails look pretty good when they are painted. I love painting my toenails. I love to wear open-toed shoes so I can see them. I love colored toenails and toenails with a French pedicure. Speaking of, it would be nice to have one of those soon.
  4. My eyes - My eyes are dark brown. I like the way I can see lots of different colors in brown when I look at my eyes.
  5. My feet - Going along with the toenail thing, I think I have nice feet. They are a nice shape and I don't mind wearing sandals and having them visible. I actually love wearing sandals.
  6. That I look younger than I am - I really hated this when I was a teenager (what seventeen year old wants to be mistaken for twelve? and yes, I was), but I'm glad now.
  7. My legs - I'm pretty short, but I have nice legs.
  8. My voice - I won't win American Idol (even if I wasn't past the age limit), but I think my voice is decent. I love to sing, and I can carry a tune. Singing makes me happy.
  9. The minimal scarring on my face - I had a few moles removed from my face almost 3 years ago and again this past December. I waited a long time to get it done because I was afraid of the scarring, but there is hardly any scarring at all, and I'm SO extra glad to have the mole gone. I just wish I'd done it sooner.
  10. Ok, I'm gonna say it: My breasts - I was excited when they, ahem, increased, when my baby was born, but the more impressive thing for me was that they nourished and grew and a baby for six months exclusively, and long past that. I had so many people tell me when I was pregnant not to get my heart set on breastfeeding because not everyone can do it and it's hard. And it was hard, but I was able to find help and trusted in my body. Please understand, I say this not to minimize anyone else's experiences, but this was a wonderful experience for me.
I can not tell you how hard this was to list all of these things and not give caveats like "when I'm skinnier" or "if I'm wearing make-up." The whole point of the exercise is acceptance (I think), so even though some of you may be thinking "Her legs? Who is she kidding?," I chose not to subject myself to the second-guessing.

So, now I triple dog dare you to come up with two or three things you love about your body. You can comment below, or write your own post (please link back or tell me in the comments so I know). If you choose to do your own, see if you can make it all the way to ten.


Sian said...

Now I'm feeling that maybe I shouldn't have blurred out my bikini photo on my blog yesterday and that would have served as my answer! I really enjoyed reading your list and I'm thinking about my own.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. It is so hard to brag on ourselves and our physical appearance.
Hmmm... I like my eyes. I used to get called Frog Eyes in school because they are pretty large orbs, but I appreciate them now. They are colored like Mother Earth too. :)
I love being tall and big boned. It makes me feel strong.

I suppose two things is good enough. hehehe :)

Indigo, madder, marigold said...

This is great! We need so much to counteract the body-hating we are encouraged to do.
i love:
My long legs (and with it my height...not as great as you might think...try NEVER finding pants that aren't high-waters)
My stretch marks...there long before children, augmented with 4 full term pregnancies, and now faded to silvery marks of character.
My aging, but I do like my skin.
Thanks, deanna!

Cheri said...

Great list Deanna! I'm so glad you took the challenge! I could easily and without hesitation write a list twice as long of things I don't like about my body, but it was truly liberating to find things I DID like! Hope you have some bloggy friends who are game for the challenge.

Wendy said...

You know what? I love every last thing about my body, from my smile lines to my big ol bootie. And I like my feet too. I've even got a drawing hanging in my sewing room that I did of them in high school.

Aren't I a weirdo?

Jennifer said...

This reminds me of something I saw somewhere online. It was like one of those fitness inspiration photos people take where they write all over it all the things they want to change. Except this person had written the things her body had been able to do--like her legs had taken her up a mountain and her arms had carried her children. I will try again to find it, but it seemed like a much more positive way to look at your body. In terms of what it had given you and could give you in the future, rather than how thin (or whatever) it was.

Rachel said...

I love this post and I love all the awesome comments people have left.
I'm inspired! We DO need more of this. Hearing other people loving themselves helps me feel good too.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post and important idea. I agree with the person above who said "I don't like thinking about my body..." Now that your post has got me thinking...

I like: my height - being tall allows me to go up and down in weight a little without people noticing!, my hair - it has always been thick and I have a great, easy to manage cut. I'll go with the breasts too. They are not just good curves (my husband appreciates that!), but they are functional, like you said.

Enjoying looking around your blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

great post! we should all do this more ofen.

Anonymous said...

Great list! I love my eyes (for being large and blue), my hands (for being long fingered and nimble and free from pain most of the time), my breasts (for being amazing and life giving), my legs (for allowing me to dance), my arms (for allowing me to hug) and my hair (for being thick, long and lovely.

This was just the post I needed to read today!

J Taylor said...

Wonderful list about what you love about yourself.
For me I did some really beneficial Pregnancy Workouts and post partum exercises that have enabled me to love my body.
This might be funny but I love my firm butt. It used to be so flabby during pregnancy. I love my flat tummy now. My poster is so much better and I no more backaches. I love my legs. Helps me chase my little boy around the house. And I love hands. So I can pick him up and love him each and every day.

part mummy part me said...

Love this post! I'm going to challenge some of my blog friends to do this too.

I've just started a new blog Quest For a Better Body Image as I think it's important we learn to love ourselves as we are right now - not put it off until we are a certain dress size or weight. Come have a look and let me know what you think x