Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Candy Making With Kids

Today I have an article published in my local paper, the Spencer Magnet, about a candy making class that Abigail and I took. I hope you'll take the opportunity to read Candy Making. If you are visiting after reading the article, welcome!

While the class wasn't intended for for children, my three year old daughter was entertained and was even able to mold her own bunny mint with the help of one of the teachers.

Candy making can be a fun indoor activity for children and there are tasks available for nearly any age. The main priority is to have fun, but it can be a huge confidence boost for a child to be able to make something others will enjoy.

There are several candies that call for the center to be rolled into a ball before being dipped into melted chocolate (including Martha Washington candy and peanut butter balls). Even small children can be shown had to roll things into a ball (much like playing with play dough).

Children from toddlers to teens can participate in the dipping process. If melting in the microwave, children can stir the candy between each session in the microwave. Chocolate should not get hot enough to cause a burn (it would ruin the chocolate). Once the chocolate is melted, children can help dip the balled candy or pretzels or whatever you happen to be dipping.

Children can put peanut butter on crackers (Ritz is our favorite) before sandwiching them and dipping them into chocolate.

For the mints (like my daughter made), the dough is easy to mix, and the children can put it into the molds. This recipe is similar to the one we used, and demonstrates how the mints can also be rolled into a ball and flattened instead of put into a mold.

Candy melts are relatively cheap and will store for a long time. I've purchased them on sale and saved them for a rainy (or snowy) day. We made candy coated pretzels during a snowstorm this past January. Sometimes it's possible to find candy melts or candy kits on sale after a holiday, and can be stored until you need a fun, simple activity for the kids.

I hope these suggestions have sparked ideas for you to make candies with your children.


Indigo, madder, marigold said...

This sounds fun. I have always wanted to make lollipops myself.
Congrats for being published!!!

Sian said...

Well done on having your article published! How's the book coming?

Anonymous said...

Great article AND you got your URL published!

Anonymous said...

Peanut butter crackers dipped in chocolate??!! You just blew my mind.

CVmom said...

This is a fun activity to do with my girls. Peanut butter sandwich dipped in chocolate sounds so yummy. Will be great with a cold glass of milk. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.