Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snack Idea for Lost Finale

I don't talk much about my tv viewing habits on this blog. I am very much looking forward to the series finale of Lost tonight, though. I've found this show to be entertaining and intellectually stimulating.

I found an interesting recipe earlier this week for Smoke Monster popcorn and thought I would share. I probably won't be making it myself because I didn't think to look for some of the ingredients (honestly, I'm not even sure what loomi is, much less where to find it).

Here are a few more ideas:

  • Lost Finale Party Ideas @ The Ack Attack - a few simple food ideas, plus some decorating and music ideas. Bonus photo of Sawyer at the top.
  • Lost Season 5 Viewing Party @ - great ideas for costumes, Dharma decor and food. There is an unrelated video on this page - be aware if you have a sleeping child in your lap.
  • 23 Awesome Food Ideas for your Lost Party @ - Be aware, there are some child-inappropriate comments on this list. This is an adult show that has some adult themes. The suggestions are actually puns based on the mythology of the show, but I thought there was some funny commentary.
If you're not a Lost fan, I hope you'll overlook this lapse in my usual programming.

ETA June 27, 2013: I was asked to remove the link to in this post. I have complied with their wishes.

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