Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lavender and hydrangeas

Today is the first cool-ish day we have had in over a week. I am enjoying the breeze and the fact that the air doesn't feel like I'm breathing underwater.

I have two huge lavender plants in my front yard. I love the color they add, and the wonderful smell. This year, I finally decided that it was time to actually use them for something. This afternoon I picked a big bunch to dry or use fresh in the kitchen. I can't even tell by looking that I picked any, and I suspect that more will grow because I picked some.

I have a Storey Country Wisdom booklet called Growing & Using Lavender by Patti Barrett that has a lot of useful information and recipes, but my inspiration today comes from the May/June issue of Hobby Farm Home that I found a the local Tractor Supply Company last night. (My subscription started several weeks ago with the July/August issue.) The Storey booklet contains a sugar cookie recipe using lavender sugar that I want to try, but now I also feel the pull of Lavender-almond meringues and White Chocolate-lavender cheesecake from Hobby Farm Homes.

My flower obsession started today when my husband brought me a bouquet of black-eyed susans (rudbekia) that we grow to attract goldfinches. I am currently taking a break from deadheading my hydrangeas. I hope that they will continue to produce the huge blue blooms if I take off the wilted ones. They were a big part of our wedding nine years ago, and I love having that reminder just outside my back door.

What flowers are you enjoying these days?


Amy said...

I recently bought a dwarf sunflower at the farmers market that I'm loving. I also surround my back deck with all different kinds of colorful annuals in pots. It makes me enjoy sitting outside so much. Impatiens are my favorite of those.

J said...

The farmers' market we go to has a lavender booth that pulls me in every time. Lavender infused cloths, baby blankets, lotions and potions. I'd love to be able to do that stuff myself!

breedermama said...

I use lavender oil and water to keep spiders away. It's very handy!