Monday, March 7, 2011

Children's Art Display Ideas

Just a few ideas I've seen on displaying children's art.

  • Clothespin Photo Art Center @ Shutterfly - There is something similar in Handmade Home or The Creative Family by Amanda Soule. Cute idea. I would like to make something like this for my daughter to hang her art. She loves having her own art in her room.
  • Creating a Masterpiece from you Child's Artwork @ Ohdeedoh - Very cool presentation.
  • Calvin's Quilt @ Soulemama - This is an OLD post from Soulemama, but an idea I've been holding on to. Now that my girl is 4 (FOUR!!), we're planning to make a kid art/mama embroidered quilt ourselves.
Angry Chicken wrote about this just a few days ago, too. It's funny, because this post was already planned, but I felt like we had different things to say so I'd still post too. (The link is to her specific post about children's art.)

How do you use or display your children's art?

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