Friday, March 11, 2011

Feeling Better

After I hit "publish" last night on my post, I kept trying to make myself feel better but it wasn't working. I had a club meeting that I really wanted to go to but I didn't have the energy to prepare for it or take the things I needed (we were going to make sewing machine mats). I decided to chop up key lime instead for marmalade. You know, because that takes less energy.

After complaining about how cold and yucky it was outside, and how much I wanted to go to the meeting and had been looking forward to it but just wasn't in the mood, my husband finally said "If you've been looking forward to it, you should just go."

So I finished chopping my limes, grabbed my coat and left. (Limes have to sit overnight for marmalade anyway.)

I planned to only stay for an hour, especially since I didn't bring my stuff to work on. I ended up staying for 2 1/2. It was just so much fun to sit and listen to other people talk, and to have people ask how I was and be interested in my stories. Not that my family isn't, but sometimes it's nice to remember that someone else finds you interesting. (And to find other people interesting.)

Spending the time away from my family for a while helped me to remember the good things that happened today too:

  • my daughter waking up, climbing in my lap and holding me tight while lightly patting my back
  • my daughter asking me to "let me just finish my nap" at 9am (before the hugging episode) - especially since she told me on Tuesday that she is too old for naps
  • the yummy apple I had for a snack
  • reading the new Jennifer Chiverini novel - nice and slow which is new for me (I usually read them very quickly)
  • I bought overpriced ginger at the local grocery, but it turned out to be so fresh and juicy that I think it was worth it.

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