Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ideas for Reading With Kids

I found a blog post about a year ago, and then forgot about it. I really wanted to share it here, and fortunately, I found it again recently. In the process of finding it, I learned about a lot of other posts on this blog that I want to share.

The blog is Booklights at PBS Kids. The blog ended a while ago but fortunately, they've kept the posts archived because they are very useful. I am sharing 2 related posts today.

Reading Resolutions is about setting an intention about reading with your kids. First, set a specific time to read to them. (Of course, additional reading is always ok too.) Second, make reading aloud fun for YOU by finding different titles to read. The post suggests several places to look for new book ideas. I would add How to Get Your Child to Love Reading by Esme Raji Codell as an excellent source for book lists.
ETA: Third, it's important for your child to see you reading. If you don't read in front of your child, how will she know that you consider it an enjoyable activity?

Tips for Growing Bookworms is actually a post linking to 10 more posts with ideas to help your child love reading.

Why all the talk about reading for and to kids? Studies show that reading, and reading aloud to kids, is the single most important factor in predicting whether kids will succeed. Every thing else in school links back to strong literacy skills. Plus, reading (along with art and music) help develop and strengthen the imagination. Imagination is one of the most important qualities of humans.

Think about it. Without active imaginations, not only would there not be novels or plays or even television, there would not be inventions of all sorts. Airplanes. Boats. Indoor plumbing. The wheel. Someone had to imagine these things, and then try to make them work.

I hope you find these links informative.

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