Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Articles at the Spencer Magnet

I had 3 articles in today's Spencer Magnet. In the At Home section, which is my regular part of the paper, has articles about the SOS classes that begin in our county next week and my recipe for pistachio cake. In the front section of the paper is the 2nd article in my ongoing series about volunteering in the community.

  • Sharing Ourselves: SOS Classes Start Monday - SOS classes are near and dear to my heart. When my husband and I first moved to the county, we learned about these classes and took several gardening ones. I took the sewing machine class 2 years ago which led me to join the Homemakers and make some wonderful friends. And then last year, my daughter and I took the candy making class together and my pictures and notes from that evening became my first article for the Spencer Magnet.
  • Celebrate St. Paddy's With Pistachio Cake - I would love to find a recipe for a from-scratch pistachio cake but until I do, this is popular at my house
  • Family Resource Center Aids Local Families In Need - The 2nd article in my volunteering series. I hope this series inspires members of our community to get involved.

I learned today that after March 23, the Spencer Magnet's online content will be by subscription only. Without a subscription, there will only be limited access to the content. I do not yet know what that will mean for my articles. To learn more, see: Website to Become Subscription-Based Service

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