Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nikki McClure Art

I mentioned last week that I was on an art for the home kick since reading about Soulemama's Nikki McClure prints. I thought I'd share the prints that got me excited in the first place.

  • Please - I thought this print, of a mother rolling out dough while the children swipe pieces of it, was really sweet and reminded me of my childhood. I thought it would be great art for the kitchen.
  • Rely - I think the pale yellow is a great color, and the mother cradling the child speaks to me.
  • Share your Table - What a great sentiment for the dining room!
  • Seal - I like the canning imagery, and the kissing couple in the background. The items in the jars kind of look like eggs, though, and I don't know about canning eggs.
  • Mama + Baby - This collection of 4 prints is my favorite. I especially love Examine the Food Chain. I'm thinking of buying the notecard and framing it, because I'm not sure I need all 4 of the posters. I think they would be wonderful to have in a natural childbirth classroom or lactation counselor office.

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Abbey said...

I also love Nikki McClure prints. I just ordered "Extend" to spruce up my sewing area. Good idea!