Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today. . .

Today. . .

My daughter woke up "early" to hang out with her daddy before work, and then came back to snuggle me.

I dreamed about circuses again (I think). I finished Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen last night, so maybe they will stop now? (Not that dreaming about the circus is bad. It's just very intense and vivid - which may be a testament to the book.)

We went to a Homemakers meeting, where I presented the lesson (I attended the lecture for the month and no one else did). It was titled "Art is All Around You" and while it wasn't what I was expected, it was fascinating.

We had lunch (turkey sandwiches) with the Homemakers, and then did etched glass together.

I got to meet my new editor.

I saw snow coming down in between raindrops. The lake in front of the extension office is threatening to overrun the road. It was in the mid-30s and I forgot to wear a coat.

I bought some ginger and I'm going to attempt lime-ginger marmalade.

I let my daughter make her own sandwich. She did a good job! Note to self: let the 4 year make her own food sometimes!

I tried to watch Ellen to break out of my funk, but a basketball game was one. Here comes March Madness. Bleh.

I really hope the weather (and mood) is better tomorrow.

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Ian @ All Things Ginger said...

I've only ever tried ginger with lime in a cake. I did notice that contains a lime-ginger marmalade recipe, the combination being described as very Hawaiian.