Friday, April 15, 2011

Craft Projects to Try

I often use my draft feature on my blog to keep up with craft projects that catch my eye. Then I forget about them and never get around to attempting them. These projects were discovered in 2009 and promptly forgotten about. I thought I'd post them here in order to keep them front and center in my mind.

  • Cheap and Easy Produce Bags @Wisdom of the Moon - Sheer, light-weight produce bags, plus it's a thrifty project (made from thrifted sheer curtains). I really need to make these.
  • Swatch Portraits @the Purl Bee - What a simple idea for art - place a favorite fabric in an embroidery hoop and hang it on the wall. Love it.
  • Camera Strap Slipcover @Randomness by Petchy - I would like a homemade camera strap, and this tutorial is great because it's a slipcover that goes over the strap and can be switched out.
  • Camera Straps @ House on Hill Road - A couple more ideas for camera straps.
  • Friendship Bags @PS i quilt - This is similar to a bag I make, but I like the way she makes the bottom of the bag. Also: polka dots!
  • Fairy Tale Quiet Book Pattern @Making Ends Meet - This is a pattern for purchase for a quiet book. The book is cloth with interactive pieces and very cute.

What projects have you wanted to try but put off?

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