Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Ideas

We have not done any Easter crafts this year, unless you count the cards that Monkey Georgia stamped at a Homemakers meeting on Wednesday. I've even had an Easter craft book checked out of the library for weeks (last year too). I did just catch up on a bunch of posts at The Artful Parent, and she had lots of great ideas for Easter crafts. I thought I'd share hers, plus Soulemama's Easter egg post. I'm planning to cook our eggs today, and we'll decorate Easter eggs for the first time ever this weekend. We can't wait!!

  • eggs, naturally @Soulemama - Not only does she share their method for dying eggs, but gives a list of other sources
  • Decorating Our Blown Eggs @The Artful Parent - My Grandma taught us to blow eggs when I was little, although I had the impression that it was done after they were boiled. I've only recently heard about decorating the blown eggs. I wonder how hard that is to do?
  • An Easter Egg Tree @The Artful Parent - I have always wanted to do this!
  • Easter Past - A Round Up of Easter Activities @The Artful Parent - A list of Easter activities Jean has done with her kids in the past
  • Making Things for Easter by Sabine Lohf - There are a lot of fun ideas in this book. Several of them call for blown out eggs or egg shells (love the egg shell boats!).

Happy Easter!

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