Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going to the Doctor

Before Monkey Georgia's 4 year check-up a few months ago, I thought it might be a good idea to get her familiar with doctors. She had only been to a doctor 1 time since her 3 year check-up and I didn't want the idea to be completely unfamiliar or for her to only remember being sick.

I checked these books out of the library for her. Not only did she love reading the books, she pulled out her little doctor kit and started doing check-ups on the whole family.

  • Too Big by Claire Masurel - Charlie wins a huge dinosaur toy at the carnival and wants to take it everywhere. It turns out that Big Tex is too big to go most places. But when Charlie has to go to the doctor, Big Tex is the only one willing to go with him.
  • Felix Feels Better by Rosemary Wells - Felix doesn't feel well and has to go to the doctor. The doctor's advice and his Mama's snuggles make Felix feel better.
  • Doctor Meow's Big Emergency by Sam Lloyd - Doctor Meow works at the Kiss It Better Hospital taking care of her patients. Then Tom Cat falls out of a tree. Monkey Georgia liked this book so much that she all but memorized the entire thing. When we found it at Half Price Books, we bought her her own copy.

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