Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Link Love: Making and Keeping Memories

I came across several things today that I want to share. The links are all more or less memory  and childhood related.

  • Create Beautiful Photos with a Bokeh @Shutterfly - Bokeh are (is?) the look of photos with a short depth of field - the ones with the focus on a single main object and the rest of the photo is out of focus. I love this look, and get lucky with it occasionally. This article explains how to get the look using your camera settings (which I have yet to really figure out).
  • Interview with Sharon Lovejoy @EarthMama101 - The giveaway on this post is over, but the interview with Sharon Lovejoy is well worth reading. I love the part about "accelerated childhood."
  • Your Life, Hour by Hour by Elizabeth Dillow @Ella Publishing - Dillow writes about a project she did 7 years ago documenting a single day of her early mamahood. I have been meaning to do this for years. My life changes so much each year - with a young one, even month by month. What a worthwhile project for documenting memories.
  • Make a Daily Outfit Chooser @Photojojo - Just for FUN! How to take photos of your outfits and make a flip book to decide what to wear. The article includes several options for ways to use this idea. I think it would be fun to take photos of your child in each dress-up outfit, and then make a book to mix and match the options. (Although, with my daughter, the options would already be mixed and matched!)

What have you read lately that inspired you?

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Kim said...

Thanks for posting this list! I was very excited to see that Elizabeth Dillow's article at Ella Publishing was posted today -- because my Hour-by-Hour layout is included! It's the first time I've had a layout "published" so to speak. :)