Sunday, April 17, 2011

Increasing Activity

Two years ago, I started a 10,000 steps challenge, which crumbled after 2 weeks. Partly it was because there were no participants, and partly because I couldn't keep up with the steps. I don't know if I'm really ready to start up the challenge again, but I do need to increase my activity level. Reaching 10,000 steps is just one way to gauge how active you are.

I bring this up at all because yesterday I got 11,779 steps. I had an extremely busy day. In the morning, I taught a preschool art class. Then we went to the library, Staples (free ream of paper!), lunch (Bunz Burgers - great burger but not as good as the Brick Store in Decatur, GA), and then the zoo. Walking through the zoo always racks up the steps, even if we don't walk the whole thing (we skipped part of it to go directly to the new bear enclosure). Next, we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, JoAnn, the mall, and Meijer, plus a stop for dinner. Super busy day. Actually, shopping at Meijer often rivals the zoo for the number of steps I'm able to get.

It is really difficult for me to get 10,000 steps when I am at home though. Even walking my entire neighborhood does not usually get me to that level. It was much easier to get higher numbers when I had to run paperwork upstairs or take multiple trips to the printer or copy machine when I was working. That does not mean that I was more fit then, though.

I'm finding that as Monkey Georgia gets older (she's now 4) that it is getting easier to involve her in my fitness activities. She walked the majority of the zoo herself, and did not slow me down. She and I took a walk in our neighborhood last week and I only walked marginally slower with her than I would if pushing the stroller. She loves yoga, which is one of my favorite forms of exercise. And when she sees me get out my free weights, she grabs a "weight" of her own and mimics my activity.

Being active is good for both of us, and can create bonding moments for us as time goes by.  I know from my own experience, that sometimes it was easier to have important conversations with my mama when we were on our daily walks.

Is anyone interested in doing a Fitness Challenge? What is your favorite form of activity? How do you keep yourself, and your kids, active?

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Cheri said...

I'd be up for a challenge, but working full time from home in front of a computer all day, I doubt I get anywhere near ten thousand steps. Some days I doubt I get one thousand! I can't wait for Spring so I can start taking my lunch break as a walk in the park!