Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keywords, SEO and a Request

I find keyword searches to be one of the funniest things about blogging. You write and write about things that interest you, and then find that most people visit your blog based on a throw-away post you did a long time ago. (Case in point, I still get a lot of traffic for a post I did 2+ years ago about a contest being sponsored at another blog. I'm sure none of that traffic is "sticky.")

I don't really write here with SEO in mind (search engine optimization). My philosophy is that if I am writing authentically and honestly, that my keywords will be organic. I've done some work with SEO for another site, and I found the keywords to be limiting and difficult to use. As a search engine user, I know that I am often NOT looking for the exact words I am searching in that exact order and if I do find them that way, I don't click on the link. (For example, I do not typically click on eHow, yahoo answers, or any of the other known content mills.)

I recently looked through the keywords that have been used to find my blog, and found that the terms have remained fairly consistent over time. People tend to find my blog by looking for:

  • pretzel rolls
  • strawberry shortcake cakes
  • doll cloth diapers
  • easter dresses
  • child's purse
  • paper hats
  • kids' art displays
  • playsilks

Most recently, lime marmalade has been added to the mix. (I hope that post isn't a huge disappointment!)

I am wondering, what brings you to visit? I write in part for myself and in part to remember, but I also write to interest readers of this blog. What would you like to see me explore? I would like to incorporate your ideas in future posts.

Leave a comment letting me know what you'd like to see. If you are not comfortable leaving a comment, feel free to email me. I should have a working email address in my profile now.


Cheri said...

I come because of BFS and am largely looking for creative inspiration and honest connection.

Carol Anne said...

Shimmelle brought me!