Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Day In Words

Thank you for all of the comments on my photos yesterday!

Sherry C said that it looked like I had a relaxing day. That goes to show how much photos can hide.

JulieShepler and scrapchick both mentioned that I did self-portraits or used a timer. I was lucky to have a fabulous assistant. Monkey Georgia was thrilled to be handed the camera, and not only given permission but asked to take photos of her mama. I started teaching her to use my camera and frame photos almost 2 years ago. I realized that it was the only way I was going to get in photos at times, and it has worked well. I'm impressed that a 4 year old can do such a great job with the camera!

My Monday (the day I took these photos) started 2 hours earlier than I had planned. Monkey Georgia woke up as her daddy was getting ready for breakfast and decided to eat with him (we usually sleep a little later than that). Often when she does that, she comes to my bed to snuggle me. On this day, however, she decided to stay up.

This would not have necessarily been a big deal any other day, but this was already intended to be a long day.

We had had thunderstorms all weekend, and I was concerned about flooding at our destination for the day. I called the office and learned that the parking lot was still dry so I finished up the tasks I needed to do (packing, submitting my newspaper article, etc) and we headed to our county extension office for our sewing group, Thread and Thimble.

We spent the next few hours working on the Olivia quilt that I'm making for Monkey Georgia (barely visible in the first photo). All the piecing and laying is done and I've even stitched in ditch. I still need to quilt each individual block, and the group helped me decide on a pattern. One brave soul, Vicki, even took out my stitches for me on the blocks I messed up while I quilted on others. (Yes, I know how lucky I am.)

I decided to do stars on each block for the quilting. Vicki has done stars on several of her quilts, so she could show me how it's done. We also thought that stars really sounded like Olivia's sort of thing. I also thought it would look cute, since the quilt is in blocks of red, black and white, to do the quilting in red, black and white on contrasting blocks. Unfortunately, I did not decide this until after I had done 2 blocks (hence the reason Vicki was taking out my stitches).

We got to the extension office around 11:30am for sewing group, and had lunch with the ladies. We worked on my quilt until nearly 4pm. Normally, we would have gone home at this point.

I had a class there at 6pm, though, so Monkey Georgia and I stayed there hanging out for the next 2 hours. (I realize none of this sounds especially difficult, but I was starting to get very sleepy.) Monkey Georgia had already been running circles around the office most of the day, singing at the top of her lungs. Some days she likes to help the ladies sew. Other days she likes to get her wiggles out.

During our break between the meeting and the class, the 4-H girls had their practice for the fashion show they were going to later in the week (tonight, actually. Good luck, girls!) They made their own clothes in the 4-H sewing club, and then were participating in the fashion review to show off their work. Monkey Georgia seemed utterly fascinated by these big girls and their runway practice. (I, however, silently gave thanks for never having to be that age again. I'm self-conscious enough without having to be a teenager on top of it.)

While we were waiting for our class, I pulled out my laptop so I could work on a photo book before the deal expired. (I ended up not using the deal, so I suppose that time was wasted. The photo book is completed though, so maybe a better deal will come along.)

I forgot to take out our snack (ham sandwiches from our Easter ham) until just 10 minutes before my class started. The teacher walked in as I was trying to finish my sandwich.

The class was on making wrap dolls. I had hoped that it would be something Monkey Georgia could help me do. I had a hard time understanding what we were doing though. She got a little antsy, and I handed her my camera again.

What I did not post were the extra shots that she took.

  • Her Kai-lan tag book
  • The ZhuZhu puppy (from the Easter bunny) running around on the floor
  • Her baby doll
  • My pedometer
  • the outlet plugs on the floor (actually, those are interesting - maybe I should have posted them?)
So, I know it looks like I had a relaxing day (and maybe it even sounds like it), but it was all I could do to not fall asleep on the couch as soon as we got home (at 8:30pm).

So, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but it does not always tell the whole story!


Sara said...

It was great to see and hear about your day! Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog.

Cheri said...

Which was exactly my take on the assignment in a post I made this morning!

Lisa-Jane said...

Just as I thought! I knew you had a little one and that unless she was entirely somewhere else, your day wouldn't be as relaxing as it looked.