Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Weekend

We had an unusually busy weekend. (Although when I told a friend recently that I had been busy lately, she said "You're always busy." I don't know how that's possible, but it's true.)

I've already outlined our Saturday, but I wanted to share a few details from the weekend.

Friday, April 15

Monkey Georgia and I went to our county's Homemakers Annual Meeting. This meeting is for members and their families. Monkey Georgia goes to nearly ALL the meetings with me, so she's an unofficial member anyway. Uhn Gi chose not to attend with us, but I noticed a lot of husbands weren't there. The entertainment for the evening was a man who impersonates Abraham Lincoln and his wife who impersonated Mary Todd Lincoln. Coincidentally, Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865. MG was enthralled by this man with the beard and black top hat, and dropped her activities so she could sit on my lap and watch him.
She also was thrilled with the 9 bean soup, and ate every drop to the astonishment of the ladies sitting nearby. I love that she's such a great eater. (I did not eat the soup because I'm not as good as she is!)

Saturday, April 16

I've already outlined our day. Our side trip to the zoo was completely unplanned. We knew we wanted to go sometime this weekend, because the members-only preview for the new bear exhibit was going on. Saturday was chilly and drizzley though, and Sunday was promised to be in the high 70s. Then we remembered that Thunder Over Louisville (the world's largest fireworks show and the kick-off of the Kentucky Derby Festival) was keeping the majority of the city downtown which meant the zoo should be nearly empty. We would rather brave the cold than brave the crowds! It was worth it. We had the bears practically to ourselves and we saw many of the animals up and about. The zoo is different when it is raining. I'm so glad we have a membership so we can be familiar with the animals' habits.
We got to watch the polar bear doing some kind of shuffle-dance. He can see the seals and sea lion from his perch, and he shakes his head and shuffles back and forth. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but it was neat to watch.

Sunday, April 17

Pancakes! We were eating pancakes or waffles nearly every weekend, but realized that wasn't necessarily a good idea. On Sunday, Uhn Gi let me sleep in while he and Monkey Georgia made pancakes for the first time in months. Yum. I pulled out the lemon-ginger curd and lime curd that I made a few weeks ago to serve with them. (I ate the curds. No one else was interested.) Double yum.
We actually stayed home and hung out. It was nice. It seems like we're often running around, so just "chilling" is fun. Uhn Gi made one of his latest made-up recipes for dinner: stir-fry spaghetti. We're still not sure what we want to call it. It's chicken, garlic, ginger, and green beans served over whole wheat spaghetti. Also yum. Monkey Georgia loves it and requests it often. I think this is the third time he's made it in just a couple of months. A new favorite.

How was your weekend?

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Tracy said...

I dont think I would have liked 9 bean soup either!