Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wild Violet Jam

I got the idea some time ago from Soulemama to make violet jam. I do not really have access to violets at our home in Kentucky though. When I visited my parents in Georgia in late March, I found that our visit coincided with violet season, and I finally got to try making this treat. It was hit, enjoyed by all. No one expected to like it, so I think that's great praise.

I wrote about my experience for this week's Spencer Magnet article, which you can read here:

I found the recipe that I used in the comments on a gardeners' forum post (search for Cathy). I enjoyed collecting various sources while looking for recipes. These are a few that helped me:
  • Violet Jam @ Soulemama - I liked the sound of her recipe, but I didn't have enough local honey. Maybe next time.
  • Urban Forager/Sweet Violets @The New York Times - This isn't about jam, but I did find it interesting that someone in NYC was writing about eating "weeds."
  • Violet Jam @ Gifts From Your Kitchen - This recipe is similar to the one I used.
  • Violet Jam - This recipe uses a lime instead of a lemon. I think it would be interesting to see how the flavor is different from mine.
PS. I mention this in the article, but just in case you don't see that: African violets are NOT true violets and and NOT edible. Please don't use them as an alternative.

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