Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog Issues

Have I complained about Blogger yet this week? I'm very frustrated because I just realized that everything I wrote on Wednesday was deleted. I had posts that I had written in full get published as partial posts. I just now realized that what I wrote about worm composting makes NO sense because the only thing that got published was the little funny story about my daughter, not the description of what I was talking about! I also know that, due to the strangeness of feeds, that if I edited the post it would not matter.

So, I will go back through everything that posted this week and see if I can do a follow-up, with details, so that things make a little more sense around here. I've never had this problem before in nearly 3 years, but perhaps it's time to start writing my drafts elsewhere.


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KrazyCricutKid said...

Ughh, I know what you mean! I reposted my posts out of order, so they made no sense and as I tried to fix it, it didn't help. 3 years here and to and this was really bad. Hope they don't have this happen again!