Monday, May 2, 2011

I Don't Knit

I'm feeling a little left out. I think I may be the only crafter in blogland who doesn't knit. Everyone knits but me. I feel a little like I did when I worked in an office with 12 other women who all had cute names like Sally and Lizzie (neither of these are actual names from that office, but they were all short with cute endings). In other words, I feel left out but really silly for feeling anything at all.

And at least this I can change. (I did try going by Dee, but my name is confusing enough for some reason without changing it.) I could learn to knit. When I mention this to my husband, he asks how my learning-to-sew is going, and have I managed to crochet an afghan lately that isn't a trapezoid? And didn't I just mention that I'm going to teach myself to make bread? In other words, perhaps I should try to make something work before I get distracted and decide to learn another new craft.

But then I keep seeing these cool projects that I would just love to try, and there's no way to fake it with sewing. 

  • I want to make myself this sweater from SouleMama
  • I want these gloves from UK Lass in US
  • And this sweater from SouleMama too (how I love this sweater!)

What do you wish you could do? Do you have any tips for someone wanting to learn to knit?

(PS. I originally wrote this post in December of 2009, and then forgot to actually post it. That seems to be an ongoing theme. I'm starting to see why I have so few posts in 2010.)

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Cheri said...

If it makes you feel any better - I don't knit either!