Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trashy/Tacky Toffee

I was so concerned that I did not have a photo to show of the trashy/tacky toffee, that I decided I had to make it. I couldn't post the recipe on my blog and not have an accompanying photo. (If you have read recipes here before, you can draw your own conclusions about that comment.)

On Tuesday, May 10, I had a lunch bunch gathering for my moms' group, and decided that was the perfect opportunity to make a batch and share as much of it as possible. The crazy part is that I almost forgot to take a picture again!

I shared as much of the toffee as I could. I did manage to make the leftovers last 3 days before it was gone, which may be a record at my house.

The recipe for tacky toffee is available at the previous post Tacky Toffee.

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