Saturday, May 7, 2011

What My Child Is Reading

Just a few of the books we've read this past week:

  • Peter Rabbit's Happy Easter by Grace Macccarone - We picked this up on clearance at Toys R Us after Easter. We realized that we did not really have many Easter books in our house (that's something I need to remember to look for next year). Peter is up to his usual mischief and accidentally becomes the Easter Bunny. (Monkey Georgia found this to be highly amusing.)
  • I Love You, Good Night by Jon Buller and Susan Schade - I think this book is kind of weird. Monkey Georgia picked it out (in board book form) at the library, so we brought it home. The first two lines are "I love you like I love blueberry pancakes. I love you like I love strawberry milkshakes." Now, I love food so I could follow along with that. It got weird when the majority of the analogies were about some animal eating something. Or "I love you like the wind loves blowing. I love you like the plants love growing." I don't think those sentences even make sense. Another line is "I love you like bears love kisses and cuddles." Perhaps I'm a little sensitive because I've been watching Fatal Attractions on Animal Planet, but I'm really like the text is accompanied by an illustration of a teddy bear. Bears are actually very dangerous and should not be cuddled. Yikes.
  • Carmine: A Little More Red by Melissa Sweet - I picked this one up at the library because Monkey Georgia has been fascinated with Little Red Riding Hood lately. This version is an ABC book, and tells the story under the conceit of using the alphabet. It's written at a fairly high listening level, though. There are some pretty complex words included in this alphabet: exquisite, haiku, knoll, pluck, omen, surreal. I did not really want to have to explain "nincompoop" to a 4 year old either (fortunately, she didn't ask). I do not think it's a bad thing for her to be exposed to words that she doesn't know and that aren't fully explained in the text. I just wish that more adults understood that kids never outgrow picture books. This book is written at a pretty high level, but it's short and I can see parents (I have seen parents) saying that "those books are for babies" which is flat out not true.
  • Ollie's Easter Eggs by Olivier Dunrea - I think I've written about this one before, but I'm not sure. This book is part of the Gossie and Friends series, which I used to enjoy reading at storytime when I worked at the bookstore. This is one of the few Easter books I picked up before Easter to read to Monkey Georgia. It's cute. It's not about the Easter story, and it's not about any Easter traditions. It's just a story about some geese and their adventures, but there's nothing wrong with that.

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