Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easter Eggs

I don't know how it worked out this way, but this was the first year we dyed Easter eggs with Monkey Georgia. We did not get around to doing it until the night before, unfortunately. This year we decorated 10 eggs.

We planned to leave the Easter Bunny a note letting him know the eggs were in the refrigerator so he could hide them in the front yard (he hides plastic filled eggs inside, but we were concerned our cat would hide the boiled ones from us inside). Before we went to bed, a huge thunderstorm hit, and we all decided that dying the eggs was enough fun. The search for them could wait for another year.

We typically stock up on Easter egg dye at after-Easter sales, but someday I think it would be fun to try natural dyes for the eggs.

I know this is old news. Someday I would like to post about things during the same week that they happen!

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